-To help Golfers of ALL abilities fulfill their full potential.

-Continually provide our Golfers access to the most innovative teaching methods, & latest club fitting technologies at competitive prices.
1. Excellence is the Expectation
Our Goal is to provide you with the highest quality service possible, regardless of your reason for visiting us. Our teaching ability is reflected in the performance of our students.
2. Passion
At Yorkville Golf, rest assured that you’ll be working with avid golfers just like yourself. We care deeply about the game of golf. Most importantly, we are passionate about helping you.
3. Pursuit of Knowledge
Golf Instruction & fitting technologies are constantly evolving; pushing us to continually seek information & ongoing education.
4. We teach the GAME, not just the Swing
While technique is important, the skill that we value the most is teaching our students how to score. Shot shaping, mental game, distance control, course management, and short game skills are things that you’ll learn from our Instructors.
5. Communication
We understand; Golf can seem complicated. Our professionals understand the game in its complexity, so we can explain it to you in its simplicity. Two-way communication is important to us and that’s why you’ll always be able to reach out to your fitter or instructor to get answers to your burning questions.
6. Fitting is Fundamental
You deserve to be properly fit for any equipment you buy. That’s why we don’t charge a fitting fee with a purchase of equipment. It’s also why we don’t charge a dime more than the big box retailers for clubs. If you’re in the market for new clubs, there’s only one choice: Come get fit by the Professionals at Ken Schall Golf.
7. Proven Technologyur promotion
Include the smaller details of your promotion in texWe constantly strive to offer our customers the latest technology available. We utilize Trackman and Foresight Quad launch monitors to gather accurate data, along with S.A.M. putt lab. We continually introduce proven technologies and systems which put forth a better end product to help elevate your game.t below the title.